“Something about Charles & the jewelry he’s creating is quite exceptional, & I am honored to gift my daughter with a piece that I know that she will treasure & will provide much benefit & comfort to her.” 

“I was really attracted to the combination of silks & stones & symbols… it felt great when I picked it up & was fun to wrap on my wrist in my own way. I felt some kind of energy coming from it & also got an education from you about the certain stone & rune & the energies those carry. I love my new wrist wrap, feels light & easy on my arm, & love the combo of strong & soft materials… kinda like the blending of masculine & feminine energies… I think both women & men could wear them, & cool that the wrap can also be worn as a necklace etc. It makes me feel elegant & love the empowerment of the stone & rune I chose. Thanks, all your pieces are so beautiful.”

Custom-Created Pieces:

“Charles made necklace & wrist wrap for me using Shungite stone. The quality is amazing & I love the details with the beads & closures. I would absolutely recommend him for any jewelry piece you are seeking. He uses very high-quality materials… and goes thee extra mile to make sure these pieces will be right for you. I wear the bracelet wrap every day. It definitely helps me to feel confident & calm knowing that negative energy won’t linger around me.”

“I love all these pieces but absolutely ADORE the one you custom-made for my daughter at my request. I saw that first pic & that is it! You got it perfect, I know that she will love it. My jaw dropped when I saw it!…OH MY GOSH, do I LOVE this wrist wrap! I was going to wait to give as a birthday present but can’t resist making an early gift of it. It is spectacular & especially so that it was handcrafted by you. The inscription on the card is divine, I feel its power already & am eager for her to have this as well. I was just so overjoyed to receive this & each step of opening it brought tears to my eyes, so nicely packaged. Thank you again so very much!”