About Charles

Charles Fletcher is the founder and creator of Gem Alchemy Creations. He is a world traveler, musician, artist and vibrational alchemist who has been working with sacred energy many years, combining the tools of light, sound and vibration with his visions…which he manifests into various artistic creations — including sound healing journeys and live music performances with ambient flute and guitar, cultivating and working with plant medicinesinspiring messages that activated others’ higher potentials, energetic body work, and now his new jewelry creations which launched in August 2019.

Sound Journey Meditations & Music

Charles performs his original, intuited compositions and sound journeys, playing indigenous flute and ambient guitar combined with various digital tools. He has performed in many venues (at various conferences and private home gatherings, co-creating with other musicians for performances, meditations and workshops).

His music is other-worldly…blending ancient sounds with contemporary vibrations. He applies understandings of the capacity for sound to heal and open up your light body/mind/spirit to higher realms. He’s especially drawn to working with 432 hz frequencies, and has pursued knowledge and application of cymatics and the effects of sound vibrations.He is further exploring the combinations of sound with other artistic mediums, including cymatics visualized creations, various new digital tools, “Light Language” and toning.

Charles has performed healing and activating sound journeys to assist people in connecting to their highest self.



Charles has manifested various healing/activating meditations and performances together with Light Language communicator, energetic artist and Ascension teacher Shakara Tosha (www.shakaratosha.com). Together Charles and Shakara present healing sound journeys and toning coupled with sacred messages about StarBeings and Ascension to assist people in connecting to their true self and raising their vibration during these Ascension Times.


Charles has performed various ambient sound journeys as a background for Joe Plum’s live verbal, poetic messages and channeling. Joe is a Bard and wordsmith who has written extensive volumes of poetry and word journeys, and shares his gifts at various Conferences.

See: https://youtu.be/SAuW-t2_Bao

Hire Charles

He is available for concerts, meditations, sound healing and collaborations with other artists and performers.

Co-Creating With Other Artists

Charles is now collaborating with other musicians to create new songs and journey meditations, and is available for presentations, ceremonies, gatherings and performances.

If you’d like to work together on a new project with Charles, please email him here: charles@gemalchemycreations.com

Life Experiences

In addition to his Spiritual work, Charles has vast experience in many fields–constructing, painting, building, landscaping, jewelry making, sales and marketing, and managing his own business. He’s a multicultural blend of a German mother and an African-American/Lakota father… carrying these lineage traditions through all his creations.

For many years Charles battled with health issues from various sports injuries and a car accident… and through his seeking spirit, curiosity and interest in energetic practices he overcame them all to realign his physical and energetic body vibrantly. He is truly a walking miracle. Through these life experiences he learned self-mastery of the physical form including understanding the capabilities of the human body and many ways to retune and resonate the body with higher dimensional/spiritual vibrations.

Charles is trained in very ancient traditions working with the light body, thought, spiritual manifestation and utilizing higher energies to transform anything as needed. He travels extensively worldwide (including Belize, Romania, Spain, Italy, Germany, Amsterdam, Prague), journeying on the land, connecting with high-vibrational beings, downloading wisdom and ongoing learning of various spiritual techniques and modalities to help himself and others raise and maintain their highest vibrational state.

Charles shares his love of life with everyone he connects with while continuously manifesting his visions and vibrations in all his artistic creations.